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The only salvation for Africans is to provide the indigenous cultures the dignity they

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Developing African Traditional Ways of Living

The Centre for African Aesthetics (The CAA) was registered in Kenya on September 27, 2001 as an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Flag-bearer of African Renaissance. The CAA, that became operational in 2012, is devoted to the promotion of African cultural roots.

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Kenya Government’s Extravagance

By David Maillu Published January 27, 2024 One of the newspapers recently published a cartoon of President Ruto in a deep hole with a shovel in which he is throwing soil out from the deep grave of bankruptcy he is digging. Outside at the edge of the grave is an IMF...

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Too Much of Something Not Good

By Peter Muteti Published September 24, 2023 If you speak too much, you will lie. If you think too much, you will be depressed. If you cry too much, you will lose your sight. If you love too much, you will be lost. If you care too much, you will be taken for granted....

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Families Usually Abandon Fathers in Old Age

By David Maillu Published September 22, 2023 In my Akamba community there is a new social function organized by a group of women called Ndwae tokone mwaitu which means Give me company to see my mother. The group comprises adult women is in honour of the mother. The...

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Is One Wife Enough for a Man?

By David Maillu Published September 18, 2023 Is One Wife Enough for a Man? sounds like a stupid question to married women. Every married woman lives with the strength of belief with which she can brag to her husband, “I have got everything you need.” When fighting the...

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The Fate of the Black Man

By David Maillu Published September 11, 2023 It is over a century since colonized African states got their independence. They got it and celebrated the acquisition with the hope that, from then onwards they would be in charge of their destiny. Time had come for them...

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Significance of Marriage

By David Maillu Published September 4, 2023 Why is it rare to find unmarried person in traditional Africa, woman or man? In that tradition, even when a family knew their son was infertile, they found a way of getting him a family he could proudly call it his own. If...

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Properties of the Human Body

By David Maillu Published September 1, 2023 Where did humans come from? Out of what materials are they made? Did they exist somewhere in any other form before they were born? Are they living individual energies that are chips from the supreme energy of the cosmos? Any...

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Is science New to the African?

By David Maillu Published August 28, 2023 The environment in which the African has been living has given him maximum opportunities to learn and master the biochemistry of his habitat regarding what to eat, how to bear himself, what his environment can offer and the...

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Why Africa Needs Social Revolution

By David Maillu Published June 18, 2023 Africans are victims of a long psychological warfare created by the Whiteman. Take your country Kenya, for example. The British colonized Kenya for seventy years during which they planted their culture deeply. They grabbed Kenya...

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Bring Akamba Back to Kenya from Paraguay

By David Maillu Published June 11, 2023 The Akamba community of eastern Kenya was probably one of the most affected communities by the East African Slave Trade. History has got it that by the 1700s the Akamba community dominated the long distance trade market between...

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Political Mass Action Can’t Be Wished Away

By David Maillu Published May 29, 2023 Whether the Azimio group in charge of political demonstration is right or wrong, the three claims they make cannot be wished away. The demand to have the Server opened in which Raila claims to have got 8.1 million votes against...

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What is the Relevance of Bride Price?

By David Maillu Published May 14, 2023 Is bride price still relevant today? In my Akamba traditional setting, the bride price was a must for any man who wanted to have a wife. The value of a woman was so high that you could not be given a whole girl for a wife free of...

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