By David Maillu
Published February 26, 2023

This is a section of The Centre for African Aesthetics headquarters in Makueni on the eastern outskirts of Nairobi.One extraordinarily invaluable thing in traditional Africa is that it had no prisons. Prisons were introduced to Africa by colonial governments because it is part of the western culture. This does not mean there were no law breakers in Africa. They were there. But the social order was constructed in a sophisticated manner in which wrong doers were effectively contained within the extended family, village, and community at large. The quality of discipline in the society was superb. Wrong doers were punished or even executed if and when necessary. You were brought up in the society with the awareness that you were surrounded by eyes checking on your general conduct. You were brought up to be party to maintaining discipline in the community, unlike today when you are brought up to think matters about security are handled by police and court of law. The principles used is that super social order can still be applicable today through creation of aa social revolution in addressing African renaissance.