By David Maillu
Published June 18, 2023

Africans are victims of a long psychological warfare created by the
Whiteman. Take your country Kenya, for example. The British colonized
Kenya for seventy years during which they planted their culture deeply.
They grabbed Kenya with perception that Africans were pitiable primitive
people and savages who had culturally absolutely nothing to offer to the
world. They had no philosophy, no history, their music was primitive, they
worshipped idols and they didn’t know God ,and so on. They did everything
to prove to the African how true that was and that Africans should drop
thinking and surrendered to the might of the British to think for them.
Metaphorically speaking the British told them, “Relax, you don’t need your
thinking anymore; instead, the British government and the Bible will think
for you.” Or they were forced to stop thinking. That was the end of their
creative and critical thinking. Generations and generations of unthinking
people passed until Independence Day. The Independent Kenya inherited
culturally brainwashed people who, consequently, took it that the Kenya
government and the Bible must continue thinking for them.

However, the new government, made by intellectual colonial bastards, had
other interests of stepping into colonial shoes to enjoy what colonials
had lost. For anyone to criticize the government was a taboo because the
new government knew everything and people must respect that government.

Now when it came to voting, people were told to vote for the people
recommended by government. People with big money, who are well educated
and talks English fluently.

The President Jomo Kenyatta regime; President Moi regime, President Kibaki
regime, President Uhuru regime – all came and went. People voted for
wrong leaders only to start complaining about their performance. However,
they did not know how culturally to address that new problem. But
complaining is not creative thinking. Their past regimes had NEVER
borrowed any governing leaf from traditional Africa. In other words, the
government had NEVER been Africanized because they didn’t know how to
Africanize it since their cultural values had been buried in the graveyard
of European commercial governments.

As things stand today, the problem is not with President Ruto. Culturally,
the problem is with the ignorance of voters who have been culturally
brought up to believe the government and the Bible should think for them.
That is why churches are nearly worshipped in Kenya. Kenyans
boast of being a Christian nation. So, Jesus should help them solve their
problems. The Whiteman’s witchcraft destroyed the foundation of African
thinking. That is where we are, running a nation reluctant of independent,
creative and critical thinking.

It is sheer common sense that not only Kenya but African governments need
am aggressive thorough social education to make the mass take the
responsibility of understanding that the mass is the government which
should think for the government. Put it in your mind and emphasize that
the nation has got no culture of critical and creative thinking for the
reasons explained above. Instead, the nation has got the culture of BEING
TOLD what to do by the leaders and President Ruto is in control of that.
It is absurd for anyone who doesn’t have this knowledge to curse people
who are already cursed by their fate. It is unfair to expect that by now
Africans should have bounced back and taken charge of their destiny, while
the nation is made of mental weaklings. Present are leaders are part of
the problem. For example, how do you explain the fact that African states
are the only nations in the world which teach foreign religions in
schools, but NOT their religion? Curriculum developers, scholars,
economists, the armed forces and the rest, are parts of the problem, who
up to now, heavily depend on not only economic foreign aids but
intellectual aid from outside Africa. Who has the responsibility of
decolonize the African culturally? ONLY AFRICANS failure to which
consequences will eat up African integrity..