By David Maillu
Published September 1, 2023

African witchcraft operates from an extensive human workshop developed over millenniums and millenniums of years. In other words, the African lifestyle is as scientific as anyone would want to imagine in the exploitation of natural resources. That is the entry point of traditional witchcraft in biochemistry. Where and when the African discovered making pots out of clay and firing them for stability in cooking is where he discovered many other properties for living. Where did humans come from? Out of what materials are they made? Did they exist somewhere in any other form before they were born? Are they living individual energies that are chips from the supreme energy of the cosmos?

Any living thing is a living energy chipped from the supreme energy responsible for what the universe is. Any living thing is an organ of the living cosmos.

Like fire, the living energy in you doesn’t die as such. Fire can be extinguished but its soul remains intact somewhere. Scientists agree that the average human body produces electricity to the volume of 100 watts because, essentially, the body is a generator. Likewise, the average human body creates ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS to the tune of 12 microns. Not only is it possible for the human body to create EM FIELDS, but it is the only way you can possibly exist as a coherent entity! Your body is an electric field which holds your atoms together. Those atoms make use of other electric fields to talk to other bits of you. Your body is built out of radioactive particles. The body produces electromagnetic waves and, as a result, it becomes a transmitter and receiver of information from the cosmos. That electromagnetic field is part of the universal energy field associated with the human body. The human body is a product of the universe for a particular purpose to serve the universe.


However, some human bodies have the capacity of producing 200 watts. This energy is required for important business, such as pumping your heart and flexing your muscles. However, a lot of that energy is wasted primarily as heat. Some humans have the ability to output over 2,000 watts of power, for instance in sprinting. Every cell in the human body is a battery. Whatever process keeping you alive can be traced to an electric field created by some component of your body.

The force of nature is erratic in its creations. As one would put it, although irons are one family material, there are irons which are magnetic and others which are not. The human is one body, but nature presents that human body in different forms and attributes. Some bodies produce higher electromagnetic fields than others. Just as it happens in quality of brains, brains differ from stupid to the genius brains. Human beings are presented in different gifts. That is why there are people born to be music composers, artists, philosophers, mathematicians and prophets. We all enter the same class listening to the same teacher, but our brains differ in the degree of perception and interpretation.

Traditional Africa has critically relied on nature and its environment, where you do your best to exploit natural resources for survival. The first tool for exploitation has been the human body. In order to get the best out of the human body, in the workshop of life, traditional African has done his best to understand and master the products and benefits of the human body. He has studied, understood and mastered the products and benefits of the environment. For treating diseases the African has relied on herbal medicine, the workshop in which he has produced superior herbalists and healers. He has discovered the utility of the dynamics of the human body in producing VARIOUS PROPERTIES needed for sustaining life. That is when he discovered, for example, the human urine has medicinal value.


In property contents, there is difference between sheep flesh and goat flesh. The African has discovered the utility of different properties in the urines of camels, goats, sheep, to the extent that the urine of a small girl has special properties missing in an adult woman’s urine. He has discovered that the egg of a virgin chicken has higher properties compared to egg of the ordinary mother chicken. He has discovered the properties and utility of the menstruation blood.

The African has discovered the utility of high electromagnetic waves in certain human beings. He has discovered the utility of the dimensions of the soul and how the living is linked to the dead living. That is the field of spiritualism. He has discovered and mastered the utility of the hidden knowledge (witchcraft) of the human body. This is the entry point of African occult, also known as supernatural dynamics, extra-sensory perception or telepathy and traditional psychology.

African witchcraft operates from an extensive human workshop developed over millenniums and millenniums of years. In other words, the African lifestyle is as scientific as anyone would want to imagine in the exploitation of natural resources. That is the entry point of traditional witchcraft in biochemistry. Where and when the African discovered making pots out of clay and firing them for stability in cooking is where he discovered many other properties for living.

When in Ukambani people are taking the traditional Akamba oath evocation called kithitu, the evocation is carried out using a stick of only one plant called MUKULW’A. People have always wondered why that plant should be the only one used in that ritual but not others. It is common knowledge in Ukambani that the same plant is dangerous when used in canning any living thing from humans to animals. When punishing students by canning was popular, the plant was forbidden as a cane. The plant looks like any other one and people are left wondering what potency that plant has. In other words, different plants have different properties, just as human bodies have different properties. The question is, when and how did Akamba people discover the properties of the MUKULW’A plant? Obvious, this is knowledge handed over down from generation to generation. There is also a plant that when you carry its stick you are followed by snakes. Some witches make use of to invite snakes into their homes for scares under the claim that the home is protected by spirits appearing in snake forms.


Among some of you might have the knowledge of one special fish called ELECTRIC EEL. The EEL is a dangerous fish with the ability of killing its prey by delivering electric shocks up to 800 volts. Its body is a powerful generator. In Africa, there are traces of human bodies which, for defensive purpose, can produce dangerous high volts. I know of such cases, both women and men not far from here. One of them is an old woman who, right from childhood, children were warned to keep away from her because she is a witch. School children going home would suddenly disperse if they saw her coming their way. Of course, just as there are bodies which produce negative waves, there are others which produce positive waves. The latter are associated with good luck.

One day a naughty young man that I know, (today he’s in his seventies) crossed paths with the woman that children were warned about and he challenged her, “I hear you are a witch, but you can’t bewitch me!” He brought himself close to the quiet woman and cried, “Bewitch me!” When the woman tried to warn him by pressing her fingers on top of his head, he got a shock that paralyzed him from top to bottom and, for a while, he lost his bearing. He returned home feeling like a zombie and went to bed. He didn’t recover from the shock until the next day. At another time, the same naughty person, already married, challenged a dreaded woman by village men. The woman had a story that any man who sleeps with her dies for ours. He wanted to prove how true that claim was because he didn’t believe what villagers said about the woman. One day when his wife was away he invited her to his home and engaged her in eating together seductively. She was too beautiful for him to let her go without the service. She surrendered to him at around midday. He collapsed in the business and resurrected shortly after sunset when he tried to remember what had happened and when the woman had gone away.

The simple story is that the bodies of both women, without their wish, produce hypnotizing electromagnetic waves. They are called witches and feared. Such individuals are commonly found in any African community.


My late brother had a village kiosk, not far from here, where he sold groceries. It took him time to discover that when one particular small girl was the first customer in the morning, he would sell out all his groceries for the rest of the day. At the same time, there was an old woman who, if she was the first customer in the morning, he would hardly sell anything for the rest of the day. It happened so frequently that if he saw the woman far coming he would quickly close the kiosk. But he would receive the girl preciously with full of smiles. As we talk, just across here at Koola Market, there is an important man who drinks as much as he wants free of charge. He is very well known to barkeepers, that when he breaks the day by being the first beer drinker in the bar, the bar would be an extraordinary beehive activity with drinkers for the rest of the day. You can’t fool all the barkeepers in the whole market place. It is reality that there is something in that man, nobody knows what it is, which brings unusual good luck or fortune to the barkeeper. That is why they can afford giving him free beer to induce good luck.