Author: The CAA

Salvaging Damaged African Integrity

By David G Maillu “Love Brewed in African Pot,” was a heart captivating and successful African film produced in Ghana some decades ago. It was shown in Kenya and Kenyans loved it because they identified with it squarely. I fell...

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Power of Polygamy

By David G Maillu One day I had a bizarre encounter with some Americans in San Francisco when they pounced on me asking, “Are you from Africa where you practice polygamy? How many wives have you got?” They were not amused when I...

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African values for Posterity

By David G Maillu  Recently I was confronted by one young man, let me call him Musangi who, perhaps in order to vent his frustration, argued with me sharply demanding, “Professor, what’s in these African values you people talk...

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