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The only salvation for Africans is to provide the indigenous cultures the dignity they

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Developing African Traditional Ways of Living

The Centre for African Aesthetics (The CAA) was registered in Kenya on September 27, 2001 as an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Flag-bearer of African Renaissance. The CAA, that became operational in 2012, is devoted to the promotion of African cultural roots.

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The Cost of Sex

Traditional times when having sex was available to everybody are gradually getting out of version. In traditional society, outside the capitalist world, everybody was employed in whatever business of the community, be it in livestock, fishing, farming and whatever....

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Why Pre-Colonial Africa Had No Prisons

By David Maillu Published February 26, 2023 One extraordinarily invaluable thing in traditional Africa is that it had no prisons. Prisons were introduced to Africa by colonial governments because it is part of the western culture. This does not mean there were no law...

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Why Divorce Isn’t An Option in Africa

By David Maillu Published February 26, 2023 Mutua M Mwengi , you requested me to give a comment regarding the published divorce of Bill Gates and his wife after living together for 27 years. As a leader in African Religion, let me state that in traditional African...

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Polygamy is a Choice

By David G Maillu One of the most sensitive subjects in Kenya (Africa) is polygamy. Why? Different mind sets have different reasons for this, some of the reasons based religious interpretation. Most white people think that every African man is a polygamist....

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The benefits of fighting the Pan-Africanism war and achieving formation of single nation in Africa do, by far and away, outweigh the benefits of settling in the 54 colonial paddocks given the term national states. Who made them states to benefit whom? Before...

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Salvaging Damaged African Integrity

By David G Maillu “Love Brewed in African Pot,” was a heart captivating and successful African film produced in Ghana some decades ago. It was shown in Kenya and Kenyans loved it because they identified with it squarely. I fell in love with the film.  Although one can...

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Legalizing Polygamy

By David G Maillu  The most persistent and burning question today regarding Polygamy is whether Polygamy is a civilized practice or uncivilized, if not primitive and irrelevant. That is why a Catholic priest, Father Dr Dominic Wamugunda concluded in the Sunday Nation...

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Power of Polygamy

By David G Maillu One day I had a bizarre encounter with some Americans in San Francisco when they pounced on me asking, “Are you from Africa where you practice polygamy? How many wives have you got?” They were not amused when I told them I had one wife. They...

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