By David G Maillu

 A substantial part of what has been generally described as witchcraft in our traditional society, is material obtained scientifically through biochemistry. I hereby dare present a taste of one of the most intriguing manufacture of the witchcraft material. It is a highly guarded secret unknown to commonplace people. I challenge medical doctors to dispute this from clinical workshop. I obtained the information from a close-range secret of witches’ world.

 This is a special kind of witchcraft material obtained from the female human body. How long the practice has existed is anybody’s guess.

 Let me present an introduction by saying that, although we all look alike in the human body, down the road the devil becomes is in the details. The chemical composition of our body varies from one person to another. Medical studies may place these differences in hormones and genetic attributes. In other words, the quality of each individual body has a story to tell. Talk about the quality of the brain, for example, where some people are born with the genius-brain quality while others are born with pitiably small quality brains. That is why some people are born to be music composers unlike others who can’t even imagine how anyone can compose a new tune. Then there are temperamental persons while there are non-temperamental persons, and so on.

 Some people are prone to sweating more than others. Others have bodily chemistry that produces more smelly sweat than others. These are people who, even when they have just taken a bath, their body would still produce powerful smell, whereas others may even go for days and yet their bodies produce hardly any smell.

 Some time in the dark past, someone discovered special hormone qualities in a particular body-type of woman. The discovery was that there are natural and valuable witchcraft properties produced by the sweat of a woman. This is a woman who is endowed with special hormones that produce special sweat.

The special symbol of that woman is borne by the special feature of her clitoris.

 Those who have deep knowledge of the shapes of the human genitals bear the testimony that the clitoris, like the penis, has various differences and sizes. Some women have a prominent and visible clitoris whereas others have a small and almost invisible clitoris. With regard to the prominent clitoris, the witchcraft industry has it that there some of the clitorises are, strong, big and hooked. The extra-big and hooked one has a name in Kikamba. It is called ung’otyaTraditionally it was easily identified by elderly women in the girl during the ritual examinations that preceded the circumcision operation.

 They knew that the girl with the ung’otyamark was not an ordinary girl. During circumcision, she was given the operation more privately and in a special way during which the ung’otyawas deeply removed in order to prevent the dangers related to it. The woman with the ung’otyawas feared and known to be potentially an inborn witch. People with this knowledge live with the awareness that, from time to time and not necessarily following any given pattern of timing, one time the woman’s facial features would even drastically change, making her face appear thicker, her lips extending, during which her eyes look swollen and teary. That bodily change arrives with plentiful sweating. The sweating is reportedly plentiful in her genitalia zones. The ung’otyais reported to sweat plentifully enough to produce drops of sweat.

 Those drops are the most valuable for witchcraft manufacturing. The few drops are harvested into a container. In order to produce the “killer” herb, the witchcraft producer collects leaves of a kithiiatree. The leaves are dried and then grinded into a powder whereby the ung’otyadrops are added to it. The stuff ends into a powder form for many applications. Men are the target on which that most powerful herb is used. Depending on how it is used on the target, the herb is capable of turning some men into zombies dedicated to serve women.

 The sexual behavior of the woman with ung’otya horn is different. She is known to be sexually insatiable particularly when the ung’otyais at its highest expression. Reports from men who have sex with the woman tell of how prominently they can feel the erect horn down there. In Kikamba language the ung’oti has a proverbial nick-name called waa-wa-ndiuor hawk’s claw.

 There is a commonplace claim the marriage of the ung’otyahorn women does not last long. This is because their husbands die young out of one disease or another. This is why in traditional setting when a young man is looking for a wife his family demands involvement in the search of the history of girl’s family line. If the family finds a suspect, it makes sure that their son would never marry that girl. A family that knows that their daughter had the ung’otya would do everything in their effort to keep it a secret in order not to jeopardize the daughter’s prospect of getting married. Even the father of the daughter may live in darkness about the nature of his daughter because the matter remains a highly guarded secret by women’s circle.