By David G Maillu

Is homosexuality African and can one talk comfortably about gay community in Africa? If the answer is no or yes, then that answer invites the question: What brings about homosexuality? Is homosexuality primitive? Is it a social decadence of a society? Has it room in Africa in the modern and future community? If it is a bad or immoral practice as President Museveni thinks it is, can it be wiped out of the community? The devil is in  the details.

 Traditionally, homosexuality is not an African animal. But if it is not, why is it immerging in African homesteads? By African let us stress the community generally referred to as the African occupying South of the Sahara Desert. But if homosexuality is not an African animal, where did the animal come from?

 Detailed explanation of this extensive, explosive and controversial subject would warrant writing a book. However, at the cost of omitting some important joints, the subject could be summarized.

 Homosexuality is a sex matter, and sex matter involves two persons of the opposite sex. But in the homosexuality joint sex does not involve persons of the opposite sex. It becomes a one-sex self-service matter of principally releasing sexual tension. That self-service is a development of nothing else but masturbation. Instead of doing it alone, therefore, the sexually pressed individual invites the other in the lets-help-each other game in an adventurous, dramatic and exciting self-service expression.

 It all starts from the fact that the god of sex brings with it an extraordinary and irresistible natural force, call it storm or tornado, which is the key to engaging the continuation of life. Take sex out of life and life is no more. Sex, therefore, is God and God is sex. The genesis of sex is delivery and reception of the package of sperms to the ovule compartment. The delivery and reception triggers the beginning and development of a new life. Period. The force of creation has coated this action with irresistible various attractions, one of which is described as love; another one is a desire to have offspring, another one is social-companionship and so on.

 Both masturbation and homosexuality are elementary practices of sexual-tension release, which have nothing to do with procreation. They are exercised purely as a matter of necessity and, to a certain extent, as a form of moral degeneration since the right instrument for fixing that sexual demand is missing. They say that when the lion fails to catch prey it eats grass.

 The animal eating grass instead of meat arrived in Africa through the introduction of the blocked natural drainage of sexual expression. African traditional social structure was founded on forces of nature. Right from day one to the last day, nobody suffered from the hunger or famine of sex. The opposite sex found each other easily and naturally if and when the body needed sexual service and gratification. This was done through the natural way, marriage. Boys and girls were brought up for the engagement of each other. Marriage was absolutely affordable to everyone and each sex fitted into the dovetail of the other in that sexually well-balanced civilization.

 Homosexuality was introduced by colonial administration which brought with it boarding schools, prisons, military institutions. These structures forced the mainstream of each single sex to live in an isolated place for durations that challenged and tortured the person’s sexual needs. Neither the girl nor the boy, neither the man nor the woman, was there at the boarding school, prison and military institutions and missionary centers, when the need arose for sexual union. Extra-long durations in acquiring necessary education was at the cost of addressing adequately sexual natural demand.

 The Catholic Church played a major role in this structure, perhaps, based on the virtues of celibacy, which is a blatant denial of sexual need in the name of service to God, although it is the same God who created the god of sex. In the new structures emphasis was placed on material things. The ground was opened for masturbation and homosexuality in the forced self-service new culture. No wonder that the Catholic Church has been plagued by the shameful pedophile cases.  

 The imported western concept of education and industrialization has been the backbone of the economics that run the modern African countries against the African traditional setting. The imported structure has created the culture of the employed-and-the-unemployed in addition to establishing high market demands in running the economy. Today we are at the stage where a young person, possibly a byproduct of the boarding system of education, comes out looking for a job which may not there. The person, plagued by the indispensable nightmares of sexual demand, is at his/her prime marriage time.

 Without the job, can the man get married under the conditions whereby marriage has new frightening socio-economic demands? Sexual demand doesn’t let you go because you have got no job. It follows you absolutely faithfully like your shadow. There is hunger for the food and hunger for sex. What happens when that hunger is not addressed? The consequence is death physically and morally.

 On the ground marriage has finally become an expensive affair. The girl waiting to be married to that unemployed man remains waiting and waiting. In the meantime, how do they address their hunger of sex? Hate or like it, that is the breaking point into the heart of not only homosexuality but also the commonplace sexual crimes, infidelity, immorality also expressed by the hit-and-run affairs whereby, on the ground, woman big loser.

 In other words, the imported structures have laid down profound foundation for us to farm the homosexual animal. President Museveni, with his campaign against the gay community is fighting in a battle where he will lose miserably and become awfully depressed. Not unless he has the magic of destroying the imported political structure which is the architect of homosexuality. The best we can do culturally is to put in place some form of adjustments

 Anyone in Africa who thinks can fight and win against the uprising gay community is comparable to someone who thinks we can drop the foreign languages we have inherited. So, as we speak English, French, Spanish and the others, we should accept speaking gay culture. Stronger cultures swallow weaker cultures and big fish eat small fish. The church is even doomed to fail too. No amount of reading the Bible or Koran will stop the rise of the gay community. It is a cultural game in which Africans have lost absolutely. From this aspect, the African has been conquered for ever and ever. Culturally, the best we can do is to adopt Jomo Kenyatta’s philosophy of suffering without bitterness.