By David G Maillu

Let me kick off by authoring the proverb: Sex is the gate to life and love is the soup with which life is eaten. In one of African deities there is “god of sex.” call it “angel of sex” or “sex god” deity responsible for sex matters.” If God is the creator of that gate of life, is sex, therefore, an element of God? The truth is – nothing but the truth – all living creatures are all born through sex, through which we grow and conscious of life and God. Take it or leave it, therefore, sex is divine. Principally, there is no sin in having sex. What makes it sinful is only the crude method it may be consummated. In botany we also see continuation of sex through pollination.

 Remove the union of man and woman on earth through social and sexual interaction and life is no more. That union, therefore, is divine. In science we are introduced to the atom, the smallest element of life. The atom is an electrically living element composed of two opposing sides – the electron and neutron – commonly described as positive and negative forces. To remove either from the union is to kill the atom or create disaster. The nuclear bomb is created by breaking the union of the atom.

 The positive and negative elements are joined in order for a battery to produce energy, Creation of life takes the same principle: the coming together sexually of the female and male being. By nature, therefore, one of them is the positive and the other is the negative. You don’t have to learn rocket science to conclude that woman is the positive element and man is the negative element.

 Any attempt of either sex to undo the other can only result into disaster, nuclear fusion. The interplay between two opposing forces is the principally an order of life – between life and death, hot and cold, happiness and unhappiness, wrong and right, good and bad, stupid and wise, rich and poor, knowledge and ignorance, friend and foe, near and far, innocence and guilt, love and hate. And it is at this stage that religious thinking should acknowledge that there cannot be evil without innocence. How, therefore, can we know and appreciate God without Devil?   

 Each force in the female-and-male order is endowed with its own natural self preservation power that can only be recorded and understood through the complimentary forces or man and woman. By all means, there is and should always be a friction where two forces sharing the same space and time. It’s a duel in which both hurt each other; but overall, the devil is in the details of who gets more hurt than the other.  To be under sexy, sexy or sexually insatiable is not sinful but a natural condition, just as being short or tall is a natural formation.

 The Nairobian newspaper has already made a character of itself by engaging in presenting the interplay and fighting forces between man and woman with regard to who, between the two, is trying to outsmart the other. Or, metaphorically speaking, who should lie on top of the other. This has brought on board published sex scandals, the socio-physical and psycho-economic game between the two highlighted by marital disputes and fidelity-and-infidelity arguments.

 The particular debate regarding publishing sex scandals in The Nairobian was kicked off mildly by Professor Chris Wanjala. He cried that the newspaper is depicting journalism bias in being too loud in sex scandals. I followed Wanjala with my comments on the same subject before the entry of Professor EgaraKabaji in his article titled: The Nairobian is all about how women oppress men.

 Professor Kabaji makes too sweeping statements by saying, “The paper (The Nairobian) shows how men have been emasculated and rendered hopeless by modern changes that reveal challenged masculinities… the women are busy ‘busting’ their amorous husbands, divorcing rich and influential men and exerting their presence everywhere.” 

 Professor Kabaji presents woman as man’s predator and man as the prey. Consequently, men should be pitied. He emphasizes this particularly when he quotes the Nigerian scholar Chinuezu, “Woman is the boss, the boss of the world. (Women) being brilliant manipulators they choose to appear stupid… it takes great cleverness to feign such stupidity successfully.”

 No way. History has it that men have always over exploited their physical, economic and political might to suppress women; and men have remained the boss. The parade of the Whiteman’s economic might in the G7 or G8, for example, is all men except the German Chancellor. Men have killed women more than women have killed women. Men rape women whereas women don’t rape men. Men’s First and Second World Wars killed millions of innocent6 women. The economics of the world is under men’s hands. Whether in Astronomy, Physics, Agronomy, Engineering, Medicine, Astronautics, Kingship – name it and men lead women. Perhaps, the only time when woman becomes the boss of the world is when she conceives, carries the male child in her womb and finally bears and breastfeeds him.

 Professor Kabagi’s exaggeration over woman’s power is in bad faith and, perhaps, is powered by a biased provocation with intent to set men in the offensive against women. Surely, a few powerful woman on the boxing ring flooring men do equalize men with women. 

 Then comes the angry Professor Evan Mwangi on stage. Give these dons of literature credit for some impressive things about the subject. However, reading them between the lines, the good things they said appeared their preparation for onslaught on this divine subject.

 Before Prof. Mwangi engaged in the onslaught he washed his hands by cleaning his personality, “I’m an advocate of total celibacy,” after which he he turned his gun in describing Nairobi as “this fame city of sin in the sun.” The word “sin” of course, relates sex, since Nairobians’ engagement in sex and talking about sex is primitive and sinful.

 Playing the bull in china shop on a divine subject and by making employing pornographic language, Professor Evan Mwangi, who lives and works in the Whiteman’s USA, goes the overboard of academic decorum and articulated dramatically, “The urban poor can now work with their genitals and kick powerful men where it hurts by sleeping with their wives… the Kenyan press contains nothing but pure pornography, including in the obituary pages… Editors also moan with orgasm pleasure when splashing nonsense from their tribal tin gods… the good thing with reading about sex in newspapers is that it won’t give you gonorrhea like the raw sex Nairobi church followers have in their prayer-room with their frisky pastors… the media is all about disaster pornography… there is no difference between a Nairobi media executive and pimp at Sabina Joy. So dirty minded are Kenyan media houses!”

 One is left wondering whether Professor Evan Mwangi is a paranoid don or he has a serious grudge also with journalism in this part of the world.

 Whatever we think and whatever we say about sex, we should do so with the realization that we have a divine mission to promote and address the god of sex with the decorum she deserves.