Traditional times when having sex was available to everybody are gradually
getting out of version. In traditional society, outside the capitalist
world, everybody was employed in whatever business of the community, be it
in livestock, fishing, farming and whatever. You were born into membership
of economic survival. However poor a person was, no man was too poor to
get married and have sex. Marriage was a family business to make sure that
every person was married and had a family. Colonial administration
introduced money economy. Money economy is based on industries. To get
money you must work somewhere. In the money economy every important thing
is acquired through use of money. What you eat, what you drink, what you
wear, education, where you sleep and the others, is a matter of money. To
be born, therefore, is no guarantee of survival. Employment versus poverty
where unemployment is hell and employment is paradise.

The Government industry is the biggest employer, followed by commercial
industries, business enterprises and individual businesses. The government
has got limited number of people it can employ, so are the other
enterprises. What happens when there are more people than jobs available?
The population is looking up to government to create jobs. But creating
jobs is a nightmare to the government without resources at the expense of
multiplying population. The rate of birth is not commensurate with the
creation of jobs.

Now, what happens to the person who can’t employ himself and can’t get a
job anywhere because jobs are not there for everybody? Here comes a young
man out of school. He must eat, sleep somewhere, socialize and have sex.
There are no free things whatsoever. In order for a girl to let him sleep
with her, he must be someone of substance in money. She can’t marry him
just because he is a man because, for survival, she needs money. What is
his fate without money? How many people are dying out of poverty? Forget
the nonsense about praying. It is not true that those who pray are better
off than those who don’t pray. So many people are dying while praying.
Poverty is the biggest disease killing human beings. You can direct that
question to God by asking, “God, why do you keep on creating more and more
people to live in poverty? Is God the creator of poverty too?

What is the social cost of unemployment in a nation? When a person is
hungry and can’t afford food, he uses other means of getting food. He can
steal, he can cheat for food, and he can even kill for food. So what
happens when a poor or an unemployed man can’t afford getting married for
permanent sexual service? He can resort to whatever criminal means of
getting sex, through cheating, through violence, through raping – through
anything. Men are more victims of this matter than women. The value of
women goes up and the value of men goes down. The nation becomes breeding
ground for criminals for, come what may, one has to eat for survival.