The benefits of fighting the Pan-Africanism war and achieving formation of single nation in Africa do, by far and away, outweigh the benefits of settling in the 54 colonial paddocks given the term national states. Who made them states to benefit whom? Before colonialism Africans defined their movements and identities naturally. They lived within less social restrictions than today. That socialism has been deeply depreciated by present political geographic locations. Socially, we are more socially primitive than we were before colonialism.

 The most powerful colonial bondage that Africans bear today are the boundaries (paddocks) with their devastating social-economic consequences. For example, the colonial split of the Somalis between Kenya and Somalia produced the recipe for the shifta guerilla fights between Kenya and Somalia for half a century. The fight has only benefited weapon and medical industries of foreign countries.

 The minerals in Angola, Congo, Namibia, Ethiopia and so on, should benefit Africans much more than they should benefit foreigners. Even at this stage former colonial empires have grips over resources in their former countries. How can Kenya develop outside the context of the whole development of Africa?

 It’s over half a century since African states became independent. How much development have they achieved? I remember President Nyerere of Tanzania saying, “As Americans plan to go to the moon, we plan to settle in ujamaa villages.” The Americans have landed on the moon and are planning to land on Mars, but Tanzanians have not fully settled and developed the ujamaa villages. In fact the idea of Ujamaa died with Nyerere.

 Those who think African states need more time to develop and catch up with developed countries should prepare themselves for more shocks. We live in economic cut-throat times and people with big technological muscles and knives will have the day. We are for being eaten. They were powers with superior weapons which produced colonials. Likewise, they are powers with industrial might which are going to economically and technologically recolonize the former colonized Africans. Incredibly big multinational companies are pouring into Africa with miraculous tactics of crippling little businesses. Africa is being tuned into consumer society year in year out.

 The problem is lack of accountability and practical imagination to implement developed self-preservation. Our industries are small-scale and short-scale runners whereby creativity and innovations are not only given little room for development but are frustrated. We seem to appreciate when discoveries and innovations are done outside but not done within. In the world of productivity we are comfortable in sitting and watching and talking big while driving big cars. We so easily and so stupidly conclude, “If you can’t help the rape then enjoy it.” We keep quiet when we see things go wrong and leaders loot national resources.

 This forum is going to be another white elephant if its supports don’t participate in development creativity, instead of engaging in endless criticism on why we can’t do it. Africa had a great dream of a Pan-African nation. The dream was given repeated beatings by pessimists until they left it in the ICU in a comma. Now that we have qualified doctors, this is the call to treat Pan-Africanism and bring it out one nation called Union of African States (UAS). Any objection before the bride and bridegroom of Pan-Africanism are declared man and wife?