By David Maillu
Published May 29, 2023

Whether the Azimio group in charge of political demonstration is right or
wrong, the three claims they make cannot be wished away. The demand to
have the Server opened in which Raila claims to have got 8.1 million votes
against Ruto with 5.9 million votes in the last general election, is
legitimate. If there is anything or information hidden in the election
“black box” it is public information and citizens have the right to that
information. President Ruto has said no to opening the server.
Unfortunately, that refusal implies there is credibility in Raila’s claim.
I don’t see any way out of it other than releasing that public
information. The question of creating an inclusive Electoral Commission
body is legitimate. The third demand that the high cost of living should
be brought down is the most difficult claim. Many countries of the world
appear to be going through high cost of living. Ruto’s weakness is that
his lieutenants are silent against Raila’s battery of lawyers and seasoned
politicians. What Ruto may not realize is that he would be in a better
position to let the demonstrators carry out their thing as long as they do
it peacefully. To block the demonstration invites a more effective
indirect demonstration that frightens the needed peace of carrying out
business because the business community will backfire dangerously to
Raila’s success. The standoff is likely to provoke the big boys of the
international community to demand a political pound of flesh from Ruto and
Raila. It may end up in demanding repeat of the presidential election with